Pronouns are used to replace nouns to avoid repetition of names of people, places, things, animals, and events.

Take a look at this paragraph:

Sandra accompanied her mother to the grocery store. Sandra wanted to help her mother buy some food. Sandra saw gummy candies on a candy shelf. Sandra told her mother that Sandra wanted to have some gummy candies. Mother said Sandra could have some.  Sandra was very happy!

As you read the paragraph, how did you find the way it sounds? Didn’t it sound strange and awkward? This is why pronouns are helpful and useful to have better-sounding sentences.

The pronouns we are going to touch here are the personal pronouns He, She, and It. 

She is used to replace the name of a girl,  a woman.

He is used to replace the name of a boy or a woman.

It is used to replace the name of an animal, a plant, a place, or an event.

Check your understanding by answering these worksheets.

Worksheet 1: English 1- Pronouns He, She, It

Worksheet 2: English 1- Prounouns- He, She, It

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