Words in sentences are not sounded with the same tones, or else they would sound robotic or monotonous. This is why intonation plays an important role in a communication.

The rising and falling of the voice when speaking is what we called ‘intonation’.

A sentence has a falling intonation if it is a descriptive, exclamatory, or imperative sentence. A Wh-question also has a falling intonation. Listen to yourself as you read each sentence out loud.

The ice cream is sweet.

We won!

Stay in your room.

On the other hand, a sentence has a rising intonation if it is a Yes-No Question. Try reading the sentences below out loud.

Are you studying now?

Would you like to have some apples?

Do you study your lessons everyday?

To know if a sentence has a rising intonation, the hint is to know if the sentence is a yes-no question.

How well do your kids know the rising and falling intonation of sentences?

Try this worksheet!

Grade One English Worksheet


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