Sentences and Phrases Printable Worksheet

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Sentences and Phrase PosterSentences and phrases are groups of words. The difference is sentences give complete thought while phrases do not.


  1. The little girl buys a new doll.
  2. She is going to school now.
  3. The park has many trees.

To know if each group of words has a complete thought, create a question. For example in number 1 you can ask “Who buys a new doll?”. The answer to this question is the little girl.

Now notice these phrases

  1. new doll
  2. going to school
  3. the park

Can you tell what the first group of words talk about? Phrases have incomplete thought.

Here are some exercises you can do.


Classifying Groups of Words into Sentence and Phrases Worksheet

Sentences and Phrases- Matching Phrases to Create Complete Sentences

Sentences and Phrases


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    Great worksheets! Thank you!

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